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Japanese Website Production

How We Make Japanese Website

Japanese language has so many minute meanings. Choosing right words is very hard even for Japanese native. Words are the key media for approaching Japanese consumers or users of your business products.

Firstly carefull translation work is needed, then we will write the story for the website by using the impressive words. We've been working for magazines, websites and papers too.

Professional level is guaranteed on our story writers.

Sample Works - Restaurant-


Chinese restaurant website.

This restaurant didn't have website, but after it's finished, they began to have amazing number of customers. They come to taste the food by checking this website.

Now this Chinese restaurant is NO.1 popular in the city.

Sample Works - Travel

For promoting travels, the most important part is the amout of information. At present time, so many websites show various information. Taking favourite information is not hard. But readers gradually understand which website is reliable and telling the truth.

In that sense, much and correct information is always the most important.

Letting them see the website is possible, but let them come back the the website is really hard.

We need to target the repeating users !