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Media Planning

Total Media Planning

For sales promotion, we used to produce magazines, papers, or TV commercials. Still they are very effective in Japan. At the same time, new media on the internet can't be missed.

It's often more effective when the right internet media are chosen and used correctly.

In Japan, the importance of each internet tools is not always the same as foreign countries. That's mainly because Japanese language is used in Japan only and they make unique communication space even on the internet virtual world.

Media planning is important.

Media Mix in Japanese language Works

How Media Mix Works

First of all, with enough budget and staffs, we will still choose TV, Papers, Magazines or Radios for advertising. However, those classic Japanese media are very expensive. Probably it's on the highest rank of world AD price.

If you want less cost for the ADs or marketing, internet media must be chosen next.
It will save your cost and time for sales work when good media plan starts working.

Japanese language is hard to handle especially on internet conversation. They use special internet space words often. Internet media are rather indivisual media than mass media.

Good plannning and right maintainance are necessary.