Office Kahoa / New Business Consultant in JAPAN





Basic Work

Assisting Work for Incoming Companies to Japana

When you try new business in Japan, you might face some difficulties. Finding an office, Setting up your company, finding good staff, or just for translation job, anytime in the process you would be facing unfamilier customs in Japan.

Also when you start the sales works, maybe contacting the key persons would be the next difficulties. Advertising might be needed in media, and using internet tools is very imoprtant for low cost marketing.

We will be willing to assist it both in Japanese and English language.

Past Works of Ours 

<Hawaii & California>


■International radio broadcasting between Hawaii and Japan
■Northwest Airlines sales promotion between Hawaii and Japan
■Japanese Credit Card, SAISON CARD, promotion for Hawaii users
■Hawaii Winter League baseball sales promotion for Japan
■Hawaiian musicians' promotion works with major records companies of Japan
■Hawaiian wedding companies' sales promotion for Japanese market

■California Tourist Office sales promotion for Japanese travelers
■Producing California magazines in Japan for trravelers to LA, San Francisco, Las Vegas, etc.

And more !

<New Zealand>


■NZ's real estate sales promotion for Japanese investors
■Assiting importing Japanese used cars to NZ
■NZ's companies' M&A by Japanese investors
■Publishing promotiona magazines of Air New Zealand for creating new users.
■Creating new tour plans from Japan to New Zealand
■Starting new language schools in NZ by Japanese investors

And more !

<Other areas >

We also worked between Japan and Canada, Australia, Indonesia, Thai, and UK.

Translation Work

Basic translation work is always requested to us. Highly technical transactions requires the special translators, of course we would find the best translator for your business.


Important process for success

Business consultant needs more attention to clients' real request. How our clients are satisfied is the most important point for judging the result for us. We will try to discuss possible ideas with you enough before starting. Let's start it when we understand each other well.