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Office Kahoa works for foreign companies coming to Japan

Kahoa's Activity

  • If you want to start new business in Japan, Kahoa could be your new partner for the fresh start. Japanese business has so many diffferent customs than those of other countries. Of course the language is the biggest difference. Starting new business in Japan needs so many paper works for preparation. Also you would need good partners for your new business in Japan.
  • We would be glad to start talks with you for the success of your new business in Japan.

  • We can assist your new business in Japan from the start to the further steps. Please feel free to ask us if you need a help.

Assistant Works新着情報

Legal Documents
Setting up a company ? Exporting products ? Human resorces ? Accounting ? Any works often needs documents in Japanese language. Let us work with you.

If you try to expand your business in Japan, we would be also glad to help your marketing works. Using media like TV, papers, magazines, or new internet media such as websites, Youtube, Facebook..etc, we try to lead your business to the larger scale with less cost.

Also, production work for websites, Youtube Movies, or any advertising is our special skill.

Happy Time
Working in a new environment often cause troubles both in pysical condition and in mental status. It's also our consultant job to have meetings with our clients for leading better life in Japan.